Sacred Geometry & Mandala Art Acrylic Lucite Tables: JG Home Living

“Geometry is the language of the universe. All of us are interconnected.” Artist, creator, and product designer Javier Gomez transposes mandalas unto furniture. Complex, abstract designs whose focal point emanates into a web of symbols, rays, and forms, the mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. It demarcates the intimate binding of external and internal realities, as sacred geometry. Concentric like the fractal, the therapeutic emblem variably operates so elegantly throughout history and culture. Javier Gomez, named

Sentta – Javier Gomez Panamá

Born in Panama City, Javier Gomez moved to New York City in 2005 and pursued what is now a successful career in photography and art. Being creative and implementing his ideas into works of art has always been a big part of Gomez life. “I am a very visual person and since an early age traveling with my parents then as a flight attendant and living in other countries I had the passion for capturing those interesting

Hilary Swank Decorating Her Paris Apartment with Mandala Art

A photograph by Javier Gomez and a cadre of butterflies are the sole moments of color amid the room’s exquisite couture-level details, including custom-made linens, a headboard based on a model Henryot & Cie created for the Ritz Hotel, and curtains trimmed in supple grosgrain ribbons. The subtlety underscores what’s most important to Swank, who favors a comfortable, cozy space above all and whose favorite way to unwind is curled up in front of a

Javier Gómez eleva la fotografía a objetos de diseño y decoración

Cuando hace unos 15 años inició como modelo editorial y de pasarelas no pasaba por su mente que recorrería el mundo como fotógrafo de arquitectura, paisajismo y de todo un poco, dejando a la moda casi en el puesto final de sus pasiones, pero recientemente descolgó las fotos de las paredes para impregnarlas en objetos de diseño para el hogar. Javier Gomez ha recorrido el mundo con sus imágenes. Expuso en Tokio, Nueva York, Milán,

Javier Gomez’ Selection

Javier Gomez was one of the 6 winners of the RISING TALENT AWARDS for MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS in 2016. Javier Gomez was one of the 6 winners of the RISING TALENT AWARDS for MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS in 2016. Based in New York city, he is a highly skilled artist and design specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is that he seeks to uncover
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